Welcome to Wine Hooligan, for a more down to earth spin on the World of wine.

No great story has ever started with a salad.

I was described by a friend as an unlikely wine enthusiast and more of a ‘wine hooligan’, with a down to earth appreciation and love for fermented grape juice in all it’s guises.

Based in Berkhamsted and covering the local area, my aim is to provide you with a little knowledge through fun, informal, informative events to increase your enjoyment and experience with wine either at one of the ‘pop up’ locations or your home, barge, wherever; for a private event (will travel).

For me it’s always been the passion with which winemakers talk about their craft that has inspired me to learn more and to share that experience and passion with others though fun, social events; meet some people, drink some wine and learn something.

So, whether you want to explore and try new varieties, be able to pick the best of your favourites by understanding a bit more about why you like the wines you do, or helping you to choose and spend better in your local supermarket (I’ll be blogging about the best deals around), local wine shop or restaurant, look out for the dates, locations and theme and if you like what you hear, come and sign up!

Paul Banham, Wine Hooligan